Aeternity (Pre-Launch) (AE)

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Net Hash/s: 0
Algorithm: ETH Token
Proof Type: PoW/PoS
Block Time: 0
Block Reward: 0
Block Reward Reduction: n/a
Coin Supply: 0
Coins Available: 0
Difficulty Adjustment: n/a
Start Date: 2018/05/12

What is Aeternity (Pre-Launch)?

Aeternity is a scalable blockchain platform that enables high bandwidth transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles.

The use of the blockchain is not free, and requires that the user spends a token called Aeon. Aeon's are used as payment for any resources one consumes on the platform, as well as the basis for financial applications implemented on the platform. All system fees get paid with aeon, all smart contracts settle in aeon.