Dai (DAI)

Market Capitalization: $84,773,703 Market Volume: $39,144,336

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%(24h) -0.03 %
%(7d) 2.23 %
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%(6m) 2.23 %

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Net Hash/s: 0
Algorithm: ETH Token
Proof Type: n/a
Block Time: 0
Block Reward: 0
Block Reward Reduction: n/a
Coin Supply: 83,982,854
Coins Available: 83,982,854
Difficulty Adjustment: n/a
Start Date: 2018/06/12

What is Dai?

Dai (DAI) is a collateral-backed cryptocurrency whose value is stable relative to the US Dollar. It was created by the Maker, a smart contract platform on the Ethereum blockchain, to enable anyone to leverage their Ethereum assets and generate DAI tokens on the Maker Platform. Once generated, Dai can be used in the same manner as any other cryptocurrency.