InstantDEX (DEX)

Market Capitalization: $3,992,580 Market Volume: $0

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%(7d) 8.93 %
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%(6m) 8.93 %

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Net Hash/s: 0
Algorithm: ETH Token
Proof Type: n/a
Block Time: 0
Block Reward: 0
Block Reward Reduction: n/a
Coin Supply: 1,000,000
Coins Available: 1,000,000
Difficulty Adjustment: n/a
Start Date: 2017/08/10

What is InstantDEX?

Cryptodex is an investment platform and educational portal that reduces the risk and volatility associated with investing in a single cryptocurrency, by grouping them into general purpose pools that can be invested in by the Cryptodex user. Investing in a specific cryptocurrency pool (group) unlocks the section of the educational portal relative to the cryptocurrencies included in that same pool. 

The revenue generated by the fees collected in the Cryptodex platform will be distributed to all CDX holders