iExec RLC (RLC)

Market Capitalization: $156,962,776 Market Volume: $2,737,030

%(1h) 2 %
%(24h) -4.68 %
%(7d) 5.59 %
%(30) -4.68 %
%(6m) 5.59 %

iExec RLC Conversion Calculator
Net Hash/s: 0
Algorithm: n/a
Proof Type: n/a
Block Time: 0
Block Reward: 0
Block Reward Reduction: n/a
Coin Supply: 86,999,785
Coins Available: 80,070,793
Difficulty Adjustment: n/a
Start Date: 2017/10/01

What is iExec RLC?

RLC is an Ethereum-based token used in the iEx.ec, a blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform.  Developers can rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. The RLC token allows users to rent servers, data and applications to execute their distributed applications.