Substratum (SUB)

Market Capitalization: $16,327,517 Market Volume: $104,626

%(1h) 1.37 %
%(24h) 4.81 %
%(7d) -5.54 %
%(30) 4.81 %
%(6m) -5.54 %

Substratum Conversion Calculator
Net Hash/s: 0
Algorithm: ETH Token
Proof Type: n/a
Block Time: 0
Block Reward: 0
Block Reward Reduction: n/a
Coin Supply: 472,000,000
Coins Available: 383,021,000
Difficulty Adjustment: n/a
Start Date: 2018/02/08

What is Substratum?

Substratum is developing an open-source foundation for the decentralized web, providing free and unrestricted access to content for a new Web 3.0.

The Substratum Network is a worldwide collection of nodes that uses industry-leading cryptography to deliver secure content anywhere, all without the need for VPNs or Tor. Substratum wants to revolutionize the hosting industry with per-request billing via micro transactions, all handled by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.