ZCoin (XZC)

Market Capitalization: $53,530,709 Market Volume: $1,046,068

%(1h) -1.1 %
%(24h) -2.12 %
%(7d) 1.6 %
%(30) -2.12 %
%(6m) 1.6 %

ZCoin Conversion Calculator
Net Hash/s: 315,111,280,344
Algorithm: Lyra2Z
Proof Type: PoW
Block Time: 600
Block Reward: 50
Block Reward Reduction: 50
Coin Supply: 5,757,841
Coins Available: 5,757,841
Difficulty Adjustment: Every 6 Blocks
Start Date: 0001/01/01

What is ZCoin?

ZCoin is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency using the Lyra2 hashing algorithm. It is an implementation of the Zerocoin protocol (http://zerocoin.org) guaranteeing true financial anonymity using RSA-2048. Zero-Knowledge proofs allows one to show ownership of a Zcoin coin without having to reveal which coin one owns.

Recently, the Zcoin protocol was found to have a typographic bug that costed the network roughly $400k. This bug, however, did not compromise the anonimity features of Zcoin.

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